Ted Cole

Director of Operations + Principal


Ted Cole is a geothermal project development design consultant in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. As Director of Operations, Ted works closely with clients to design, develop, and deliver geothermal solutions.


Ted has consulted, developed and designed the conversion of eight of the Roman Catholic parishes of southeastern NB as well as projects for Efficiency NB.

Projects have ranged from the 55,000 s.f.
Our Lady of Calvary Trappist Monastery in Rogersville NB, to the 35,000 s.f. St. Therese de Avila in Cap Pele NB.

Not limited to parish projects, Ted has also worked in the commercial and residential sector and has developed, designed and supervised the installation of the first geothermal energy source at Dixie Lee in Moncton NB.

Ted successfully brought the majority of these projects through the application process with Efficiency NB; he was able to guide his customers through the required energy audit, system installation and receiving of Efficiency NB funding upon completion of energy conversion.

Born and raised in Moncton NB, Ted received his inter provincial industrial electricians license in 1984, completing an electrical apprenticeship with the Canadian National Railroad. He went on to work with Nova Scotia Power commissioning and maintenance substations. From there he moved into the distribution control center working as a lead operator on the Nova Scotia Power distribution electrical grid for the province, for eight years.

Life + Fun

After leaving Nova Scotia Power in 2001, Ted relocated to, Shediac, NB and worked as a building and heating contractor where, with his partner, started Parlee Beach Cottages and the online building supply site, Alkind Building Supplies. Having worked with a local geothermal contractor for a number of years, Ted then started his own consulting company, Gco Geothermal Consulting and Development.

Ted is currently director of operations for Creation Energy, a full-service geothermal system developer, installer and designer of energy efficient energy solutions and utilizing renewable energy source systems. Ted is an active windsurfer and skier and has resided at Parlee Beach NB for the last 19 years.